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The Sessions

The Sessions follows Mark (John Hawkes) whose day-to-day life means spending the majority of his time in an iron lung. Mark suffers from crippling polio, and although living to the fullest, he is missing one thing. The love of a woman. Starved of a genuine physical and emotional relationship and desperate to lose his virginity, poet Mark seeks the advice of his rather liberal priest Father Brendan (William H. Macy), and consequently embarks on a life changing adventure - beginning a series of therapy sessions with sex surrogate Cheryl (Helen Hunt).

Ginger and Rosa

Elle Fanning and Alice Englert are Ginger and Rosa - two 17-year-old best friends who live in London and have been inseparable since birth. With the backdrop of the bombing of Hiroshima, (an event that changed the landscape of warfare, making complete annihilation of the human race a very real possibility), director Sally Potter tells a very personal story of these two girls in the 60s, who are finding themselves.


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