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Ginger and Rosa

Elle Fanning and Alice Englert are Ginger and Rosa - two 17-year-old best friends who live in London and have been inseparable since birth. With the backdrop of the bombing of Hiroshima, (an event that changed the landscape of warfare, making complete annihilation of the human race a very real possibility), director Sally Potter tells a very personal story of these two girls in the 60s, who are finding themselves.

Ginger and Rosa are like twins - they dress the same (in jeans they’ve made skinny by shrinking them in the bath!) and their passionate bond is established early on, so when their views on life begin to divert down different paths, their friendship finds itself under severe duress. Catholic Rosa has her head in the clouds - she dreams of an everlasting true love and excitement. Ginger is a deep thinker – a poet. Taking after her activist father (Alessandro Nivola) she is passionate about banning the bomb, and begins to attend meetings, and protests that give her an outlet for her mounting fears that her own world is ending. As Ginger’s parents grow apart, Rosa finds a life-changing new love.

A mere 13 years old when they shot, Elle Fanning gives a masterful turn as Ginger – an emotional girl who fears sees the world coming apart around her. Her vulnerable and emotional performance is raw and beautifully exposing. A relative newcomer, Englert gives a subtle performance and has created a very believable and engaging on-screen friendship with Fanning, so much so, that the dissolution of their bond has a great impact on the audience. The supporting cast are notable; Christina Hendricks is fantastic as Ginger’s bitter domesticated mother, and Oliver Platt, Timothy Spall and Annette Benning all giver masterful performances in small roles.

Sally Potter’s Ginger & Rosa is a deep and beautiful film that takes us on a journey of self discovery from child to woman, and explores the ever complicated bond of female friendship. It is an emotional honest film about how scary growing up can be, and I for one was very moved by it's story. Rating: 
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Friday, October 19, 2012