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Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger

With Martin Freeman 'hobbitting' around Middle Earth this Christmas, David Tennant has stepped up to the role of put-upon teacher in the sequel to last years Nativity, Danger In The Manger.

Anxious teacher Peterson takes a job at an underachieving primary school, St Bernadette's. A rather unconfident chap, he lives in the shadow of his domineering father, and his estranged, 'golden boy' identical twin brother Roderick - a world-famous composer and conductor. Peterson is stressed out with everyday life - finding it hard to deal with his rambunctious pupils and his loose cannon classroom assistant Mr Poppy, meanwhile caring for his heavily pregnant wife (Joanna Page).

When Mr Poppy decides St Berndadette's should enter the National 'Sing a Song for Christmas' competition, he convinces Donald to sign the entry forms, later kidnapping him for an epic impromptu road trip to Christmas Castle in Wales, where the competition is being held. However, hilarity ensues when Donald's brother is also competing in the competition, mentoring the choir of posh St Cuthbert's College.

Mr Peterson and his class (accompanied by a baby and a stray donkey!) become lost in the wilds of Wales, and must survive many challenges, if they are to reach Christmas Castle safely and win the competition.

I have never been a major fan of ex Dr Who Tennant, and so a feature length screeching Tennant became irritating fast. He lacks the warmth and loveability of Freeman’s Mr Maddens, but he has moved on to greener pastures in the Shire!

The children are wonderful and at times hilarious, and Jessica Hynes deserves a mention as Angel the rather unneccesarily bitchy competition host. This is by no means going to be a Christmas classic,  with the festive season upon us, this film is a perfectly good slice of Christmas cheer to get you in the spirit.

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Friday, November 23, 2012